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Gongjinhyang Special 3pcs Set


The limited edition set includes the full size and deluxe samples of Gongjinhyang Essential Moisturizing Balancer, Essential Nourishing Emulsion, Cream; a deluxe sample of the facial foam cleanser and a complimentary Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury lipstick.

Gongjinhyang Neck and face repair Sleeping Repair Mask


A highly concentrated sleeping mask that enables penetration of effective ingredients overnight whilst deeply moisturizing the skin. Size75 ml (2.54 fl.oz)

Gongjinhyang Nok Yong Energy Mask


This nutritional mask treatment helps to restore healthy skin by improving facial blood circulation as the mask warms up upon application. The highly concentrated royal jelly and deer antler extracts boost energy in the skin to promote a healthy and...

Gongjinhyang Qi and Jin Eye Cream


This energizing eye cream delivers firming and moisturizing benefits to sagging and thin fragile skin, and helps minimize the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Size25 ml (0.85 fl.oz)

Gongjinhyang Qi and Jin Cream


This youth-enhancing cream works to rejuvenate skin for firmer, more resilient skin. The luxurious cream penetrates deep into the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and create a more healthy, lifted look. Size50 ml (1.69 fl.oz)

Gongjinhyang In Yang Lotion


This nutrient-rich lotion soothes skin while visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is formulated with Wild Ginseng which enhances skin's defenses against damage and keeps skin clean and healthy. Size110 ml (3.72 fl.oz)

Gongjinhyang Qi and Jin Essence


This powerful essence plumps the skin to support a more youthful appearance. The high concentration of Wild Ginseng and natural Korean herbal extracts (GongJin Bidan) helps lift and tighten loose skin, resulting in a youthful and vibrant complexion. Size45 ml...

Gongjinhyang In Yang Balancer


This balancer is enriched with Korean herbal ingredients to combat signs of aging skin and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The replenishing formula absorbs into the skin immediately to provide soft and moist complexion. It also improves the effectiveness...

Gongjinhyang Facial Foam Cleanser


This rich foaming cleanser instantly removes facial grime and makeup residue. The moisturizing Korean herbal formula keeps skin moist and supple to help prevent dryness and discomfort. Size180 ml (6.09 fl.oz)