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Gongjinhyang Vital Hydrating 3pcs set


A set that includes a full size of Gongjinhyang Vital Hydrating Balancer, Emulsion and Intensively Hydrating Cream and deluxe samples of the balancer, emulsion and cleansing foam.

Gongjinhyang Vital Hydrating Overnight Mask


A highly moisturizing sleeping mask that revitalizes and replenishes skin hydration skin overnight

Gongjinhyang Vital Hydrating Cleansing Water Set


A set that includes the Vital Hydrating Cleansing water - a low-irritant and highly moisturizing cleansing water that removes excess dead skin with mild peeling effect of amino acids; a set of cotton pads and deluxe samples of the balancer...

Gongjinhyang Intensive Hydrating Cream


This highly concentrated moisturizing cream helps provide long-lasting moisture for dry skin. Leaves your skin feeling renewed, soft and non-greasy. Size50 ml (1.69 fl.oz)

Gongjinhyang Vital Hydrating Emulsion


This lightweight daily moisturizing emulsion embraces the skin with beneficial nutrients for healthy-looking skin. Size110 ml (3.72 fl.oz)

Gongjinhyang Vital Hydrating Essence


This anti-aging essence hydrates the skin and visibly improves texture to promote a clear and healthy complexion with a blend of Korean botanicals. Size45 ml (1.52 fl.oz)

Gongjinhyang Vital Hydrating Balancer


This hydrating balancer provides instant moisture and a refreshing sensation to the skin. Size150 ml (5.07 fl.oz)